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Nature In Reflection

Nature In Reflection



Nature In Reflection

Fine Art Print by Colin Bushell CPP

It's difficult to convey the beauty of this art via online preview images. When you first view the art in person, you might think it's been created by a master painter, but in fact, this is a photograph that perfectly captures the beauty of nature at twilight. 

This is one of the joys of nature walking: those fleeting moments when the light in that moment creates a unique beauty that only those lucky enough to be there can enjoy, except in this case when a photographer perfectly captures and immortalises that moment.

This unique print is very calming to gaze upon and the natural tones will blend well with any style of decor. The print is professionally framed and ready to hang. Bring the beauty and tranquility of nature into your home and everyday life.

Product Mockup intended as a general guide. We'd love to see where you hang your nature print, please email your pics to support@trek2health.org.au


‘Nature in Reflection’ represents the last light of day, highlighting the wonders that surround us, whilst reflecting on the shifts of mood and light that our natural world goes through every day.

Colin explains, “This photo was taken with the very last embers of the day’s light. Fixed on a tripod, with a wide aperture and slow shutter speed, it was my intention to do nothing in the way of editing, but instead, to let the rich beauty of the scene tell its own story”.

Print Specifications

Each print is signed by the artist and professionally framed with a certificate of authenticity. 

Printed on GALERIE Satin Photo 260gsm,a heavyweight, high-quality photo paper with a smooth satin surface offering accurate reproductive qualities, extended longevity, and a robust surface for exceptional yet durable prints.

Special offer of $275 each (including GST) in Limited Edition run of 2000. All profits from this limited edition print-run support Trek2Health's mental wellness programs for frontline workers and veterans. The RRP is $495.

This special offer represents excellent value AND your purchase makes a positive difference in the lives of our local frontline workers and veterans. Thank you for supporting our cause!

Frame size: A2    420 x 594mm    

Print size:  A3       297 x 420mm

Delivery Options

Please select your delivery option from the top of the page, then select number of prints and click "ADD TO CART".

Free Pickup from The Gap: from Trek2Health Headquarters, The Gap, Brisbane, on Fridays 9-11am, by appointment, we will contact you via email to arrange your pickup time.

Delivery Included: Print will be delivered to your address within Australia, please input your delivery address in the billing form, we will be in touch via email to arrange your delivery time. 

If you need assistance please email support@trek2health.org.au

To Sponsor a Trekker

To Sponsor a Trekker please email us after purchase, for example:

I have purchased Nature in Reflection in support of trekker: (Jean Featherfoot )
send your request to support@trek2health.org.au

We will assign $250 to the trekker's fundraising page (purchase price excluding delivery and GST).
Thank you for supporting our cause.

About the Artist


Colin Bushell is an award-winning photojournalist, Vice President of the Professional Photographers’ Association of Queensland, and The Gap Creative. The winner of the Lord Mayor’s Photographic Award in 2015, Colin spends up to three months of the year in search of photographic challenges around the world, working on assignments from as far afield as Hawaii, Italy, England, Arizona, Thailand and Germany. When back in his studio and office in The Gap, Brisbane, Colin runs workshops and one-on-ones in photography, creative writing and feature writing and leads photography safaris around Queensland.

Follow Colin on facebook to enjoy stunning local photography https://www.facebook.com/biggerboatcreativesolutions/
For creative photography workshop details visit Colin's website