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trek2health Art Union

Trek2Health is an organisation founded with a single objective – to support the physical and mental health of frontline workers, first responders, emergency services personal and veterans by providing professional services in a stigma-free and supportive environment. 


Trek2Health Art Union ticket numbers are strictly limited. Each eligible donation of $50 will receive one entry. Each entry has a 1 to 249 chance of winning a prize... good luck and thank you very much for helping Trek2Health support the physical and mental health of our local frontline workers and veterans!

To enter the Trek2Health Art Union, scroll to the top of this page, select the number of entries, then click ADD TO CART.

Prizes, retail value of prizes, and drawing order:

1st Prize $2600 – The Messenger by Kirstie Page– Original art work – painting commissioned by Trek2Health to honour the ANZAC Spirit + Anaconda Gift Card ($600) for outdoor adventure & sporting gear

2nd Prize $2500 – Trek2Health 13 person 4 hour BBQ including discount vouchers for canoe hire and bike hire + 1 limited edition art print, The Messenger

3rd Prize $2000 – Trek2Health 10 person 4 hour BBQ including discount vouchers for canoe hire and bike hire + 1 limited edition art print, The Messenger

4th Prize $1000 – 10 person Trek2Health  2 hour guided morning group lake walk + 1 limited edition art print, The Messenger

5th Prize $900 –  Anaconda Gift Card ($400) + 1 limited edition art print, The Messenger

6th Prize $500 – 1 limited edition art print, The Messenger

7th Prize $500 – 1 limited edition art print, The Messenger

Please note: All entries must be verified and we will issue a ticket to you via email within 3 working days after we receive your donation. If you do not receive your ticket within 3 working days, please contact us and we will resend your ticket. Donations must be made in your own name or organisation name. 1 ticket will be issued for each eligible donation of $50 made via this page or donations made to any fundraiser for Midnight to Dawn Anzac Service Trek.

Thank you for helping Trek2Health support Australian frontline workers and veterans. Visit our website to lean about our mission or contact us if you have any questions.

First prize – THE MESSENGER 


Midnight to Dawn Art Union gives you the chance to win a very special work of Art: The Messenger by Kirstie Page. This artwork has been commissioned by recognised International artist to manifest her version of the Anzac spirit called -  "The Messenger" .

The Secret Story of the Art

My name is Kirstie Page, a Brisbane based mixed media artist. I’m honoured to have been commissioned to paint a special artwork in support of Trek 2 Health. 

The artwork I’ve chosen to paint for Trek 2 Health is titled “The Messenger”. The painting is a very personal piece for me to create as the military has been an important (and life altering) part of the lives of my loved ones. My father is a Vietnam Veteran. My brother served in the Army Reserves. My Grandfather served in Borneo during World War Two and my Great Uncle served (and survived) Gallipoli. 

Having multiple generations of my family serving in the armed forces means that this is a cause genuinely close to my heart. I acknowledge all service personnel’s service and sacrifice both past and present: for me, my loved ones, our community, our country and other nations around the world. 

In this spirit, my artwork was created to be a fusion of mixing the past and the present. I consider we are shaped by what comes before us, what is in front of us and what lies ahead. 

A pigeon features as the central symbol. The messenger. Historically, pigeons were used in service to convey important information during times of conflict. Doves are also symbolically associated with peace. 

This bird is in flight, however whether it is taking off or about to land is open to your interpretation. Attached to the bird’s foot is a small message featuring one word: “HOLD”.

Hold the line. Hold each other. Hold on. Only you will know its meaning. For me, it changes. 

The border surrounding the bird was inspired by the Australian Army’s Rising Sun Badge. A full circle, it represents light, life, strength and service. 

An open hand of a veteran features, extending upwards toward the bird and the light emitted by the rising sun. The fingers are outstretched, the palm of the hand gingerly turning towards being open. It invites connection, even tentative and however fleeting it may be. 

Poppies abundantly feature, reminiscent of the fields in Northern France during World War One and representing the immeasurable sacrifices made by all who served in all wars and conflicts. My sincere hope is that these elements that together comprise this artwork conveys a feeling of heartfelt acknowledgement and recognition, support, connection and hope. If so, I have achieved my aim.

To enter the Trek2Health Art Union, scroll to the top of this page, select the number of entries, then click ADD TO CART.

Trek2Health Art Union Closing and drawing dates
The Art Union will be closed on 11 March 2022 and a winner will be drawn on 13 March 2022. Prizes will be drawn at random from all entries. Each ticket number has an equal chance of winning. Visit the Trek2Health Terms and Conditions for full details.

By making a donation to Trek2Health you agree for us to contact you for purposes such as: notification of the prize winner of the Art Union, any issues related to the processing of your donation, and marketing emails such as offering you tickets in future Art Unions. We respect your privacy and will never share your details with 3rd parties, you can unsubscribe from our marketing messages at any time. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for information on how we deal with your personal information.